Meet Our Team

Elizabeth Hausler, Ph.D.
Founder & CEO

Elizabeth is the founder of Build Change, leading on strategic direction, board development, partnerships, and building the team.

Tim Louis
Director of Finance & Administration

Tim is responsible for the overall financial well-being of Build Change.

 Lizzie Blaisdell Collins, S.E.
Director of Engineering

Lizzie oversees the quality and consistency of Build Change’s technical and project solutions. She has worked extensively on earthquake-resistant design and evaluation projects in high seismic regions since 2005.

Michael Collins
Director of Education

Michael is responsible for ensuring the quality of disaster-resistant construction and retrofit training programs in all countries where Build Change works. Michael and his team champion the development and adoption of competency-based safe construction training curricula, and collaborate with government departments, school bodies and educational experts to integrate them into existing school networks.

Aline Séjourné
Director of Fund Development & Impacts
Aline relocated from Haiti to NYC to lead East Coast & European fund development efforts. She is responsible for implementing and expanding Build Change’s fundraising strategy, with a focus on Latin America and Caribbean programs, and overseeing Build Change’s global impact monitoring system.
Trena Moya
Business Manager

Trena ensures the HR and administrative needs of the headquarters office are met, and assists with the financial activities of Build Change.


Jeanne-Dominique Dimanche-Maxi
Deputy Director
Ipena Lucien
REZO Program Manager
Gaspard Pierrestal
Deputy Technical Manager
Chardeline Ganthier
Senior Engineer
Bernard Lubin
Community and Engagement Team Leader
Dieuvena Thelusma
Senior Accountant
Cherline Frédérique
Community & Evaluation Agent
Robin Duval
Training & Certification Program Coordinator
Jean Widmael Sainca
IT Global Advisor
Junior Macié
Construction Supervisor / Team Leader
Vanel Lherisse
Construction Trainer Supervisor
Jean Marie Woody Civil
Logistic Assistant and Messenger
Zaphiya Wagnac
Monitoring & Evaluation Officer
Widleine Georges
Construction Trainer
Jean Lucknol Adonis
Support Staff
Phavoirine Mednard
Support Staff
Murat Jeanty
Support Staff


Mediatrich Triani N.
Program Manager
Irma Listiani Parapat
Finance Officer
Laura Masmia Putri
Design Engineer
Winda Waspada Sari
Tax & Administrative Officer

Winda graduated from English Literature (S1) of Humanities at Bung Hatta University in Padang.

Better Building Materials Technical Supervisor
Better Building Materials Technical Assistant
Ridzki Rachman Mirza Sudarbo
Better Building Materials IMR Officer
Muhammed Saleh
Better Building Materials Economic Development Officer
Support Staff

Latin America

Juan Caballero, Architect, PMP
Director of Programs and Partnerships, Latin America

Juan leads the regional office in Bogota, and is in charge of projects in Colombia, Guatemala, and other regional ventures. Juan is an Architect from Honduras, and has been with Build Change since 2012, working in the Haiti office as a Project Manager before his current role.

Walter Cano
Project Engineer
Walter Cano

Walter is a civil engineer from the Nueva Granada Military University, with eight years of structural design experience and post-graduate certification in project management. Walter provides management and technical support and coordinates the delivery of housing retrofits in Colombia.

Yenyfer Valero Carvajal
Staff Engineer

Yenyfer has a comprehensive understanding of the structural engineering design resources developed by Build Change for confined masonry, reinforced masonry, multi-story reinforced concrete frame, timber frame, and retrofitting solutions. She works with our team in Colombia to ensure we are giving the highest level of instruction in retrofitting techniques.

Adriana Duque
Construction Technologist

Adriana is a construction technologist and engineering student. As such she is focused on construction supervision, and lately has been collaborating on communications as well as in evaluation and retrofit design.

Anna Pavan
Lead Structural Engineer

Anna is a structural engineer with nearly ten years’ experience in various countries. She is responsible for implementation of our program in Colombia, assuring quality control of design information and construction process, the development and maintenance of relationships with local stakeholders, and the implementation of the local educational program.

Diego Nacif-Hartley
Technical Consultant

After working for Build Change’s programs in Indonesia and the Philippines, Diego now serves as Lead Engineer in Latin America.  He is responsible for controlling the quality of design information, technical deliverables & implementation for projects in Colombia and other locations in Latin America.

Carlos Gomez
Project Engineer

Carlos is a civil engineer, with ten years of experience in Medellin. He worked with several NGOs implementing programmers of risk management for informal neighborhoods in the city, in collaboration with local communities and authorities. He supports the engineering team in Latin America to develop retrofit projects and he is responsible for managing the relationships with homeowners and communities in terms of awareness towards seismic vulnerability and intervention on their own houses.

Technical Consultants:

Jose Alvarez

Luis Portillo

Eduardo Castell

Maria Fernanda Holguin
Finance & Administration Associate
Maria Fernanda is a professional in Finance and international trade from La Salle University of Bogota. She is currently the Finance & Administration Associate for Latin America. She is responsible for general accounting, preparation of national and local taxes, payrolls, handling of suppliers and coordination with the Denver headquarters office information and documentation.
Mirian Rangel
Accounting Consultant
Juliana Arenas
Engineering Support

Juliana is a civil engineer from EAFIT University in Medellin. As part of the technical team in the city, she develops retrofit projects of informal houses in Colombia and supports projects in other areas of the Latin America region. She is involved in local activities with universities, formal institutions and local communities.

Omar Benavides
Legal Consultant


Noll Tufani
Nepal Country Director
Liva Shrestha
Lead Engineer

Liva is responsible for controlling the quality of design information and implementation for projects in Nepal.

Kailash Khadka
Finance & Administration Manager
Aliza Baidya
Human Resources Manager

Aliza has worked in various NGOs in the past decade, and has a Bachelors and Masters in Business Studies.

Manoj Sakhakarmi
Staff Engineer

Manoj is responsible for designing earthquake resistant guidelines, performing material calculations, and the supervision of building construction.

Sujit Dhakal
Staff Engineer

Sujit has a Bachelors in Civil Engineering and has previous experience with building and bridge construction alongside surveys and data collection.

Anil Basnet
Project Manager
Kriti Rajkarnikar
Staff Architect
Salina Pradhan
Staff Architect
Shyam Maharjun
Builder Trainer Team Leader
Arun Kumar Sharma
Project Manager
Mobina Ghimire
Deputy Project Manager
Manish Maharjan
Community Engagement & Outreach Agent
Krishna Bandhu Aryal
Assistant Activities Coordinator
Kumari Begam Sah
Account Officer
Baburaja Maharjan
Builder Trainer

Baburaja has 15+ years of extensive working experience in building houses as a builder, and now supports the development of training material including lectures, presentations, and trainer & trainee course materials.

Krishna Maharjan
Builder Trainer

Krishna has 25+ years of extensive working experience in building houses as a builder. He now supports the development of training material including lectures, presentations, and trainer & trainee course materials.

Ganga Tamang
Builder Trainer
Amrit Bdr Tamang
Builder Trainer
Min Bahadur Tamang
Builder Trainer

Min Bahadur Tamang has worked both as a security guard in Malaysia and a carpenter in Oman. His 5 years of masonry work provides us local knowledge and customs to build upon. Masons provide the foundation to Build Change on many levels thus; he is a perfect fit as a Builder Trainer.

Dinesh Neupane
Construction Trainer
Digamber Pant
Community Engagement and Outreach Agent

Digamber has a Bachelors in Business Studies alongside a host of training including psychological counselling, communications, and ethics.

Kiran Shrestha
Assistant Engineer
Saugat Shrestha
Assistant Engineer
Aayusha Joshi
TSC Agent
Mithu Maya Majhi
Assistant Builder Trainer

Mithu Maya Majhi has joined our Training Team as an Assistant Builder Trainer. She has long experience with making walls and doing plaster. House painting is her added skill; she is looking forward to learning new things with Build Change.

Keshar Bahadur Khatri
Office Assistant

Keshar Bahadur Khatri has been part of the team on a contractual basis since September of last year and is now officially Build Change’s Office Attendant. He has more than twelve years of extensive experience in supporting clerical works.

Pratima Tamang
Support Staff

Pratima Tamang has been part of the team on a contractual basis and is now officially a Build Change employee. Having a hot lunch lovingly cooked by Pratima with beautiful Nepali ingredients enriches the Build Change environment even more. Everyone looks forward to seeing her smile and Nepali tea each morning and afternoon

Sushila Lamichanne
Support Staff

Sushila Lamichanne has been part of the team on a contractual basis and is now officially a Build Change employee.  She looks after the house and keeps it spick and span.  It is so nice to work in a clean environment and such a treat to get Nepali tea with her beautiful smile each morning and afternoon.

Pratish Shakya
Procurement & Logistics Assistant


Kate Landry
Philippines Country Director

Kate relocated from the Haiti office to the Philippines in 2014 to direct Build Change’s program based in Cebu City. In this capacity, she oversees all programs in the Philippines, forms and maintains partnerships and tracks impacts.

Irma Soledad
Finance & Administration Officer
Carl Fosholt, P.E.
Lead Structural Engineer